The Brandcaster program provides several ways to monetize your site.

These include a coupon gallery, widgets and links.

With just a few lines of JavaScript provided by us, you can display the Savings Center, a fully functional, full-page coupon gallery, on your website. You can also select the look and feel of the Savings Center to tailor it to your site.


Widgets are customizable interactive modules that feature high-performing coupons of your choosing. Coupons are optimized within the widgets to drive users to clip and print. Widgets can be displayed on your site with just a few lines of JavaScript that we provide.

Choose from four different widget types to match your site and audience.

The Brandcaster program makes creating links simple. You can link to:

  • Card Linked Offers
  • A single coupon
  • Multiple coupons
  • Your Brandcaster Savings Center

You can promote offers with these links in your emails, on social media pages, and on your website or blog.